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id3 Technologies

From innovative technology designer to ID Solution Provider.

Our History

Fonded in 1990 by a team of designers issued from STMicroelectronics, id3 Technologies is a company specialized in the design and manufacturing of electronic products and solution in the radio frequency (RF), contactless (RFID) and Biometrics fields

id3 Technologies solve your technological challenge by developing highly innovative and high performance solutions, designed by its team of experts around id3 unique portfolio of IP and technologies in RF, RFID and Biometrics.

Its partners network is composed of industry leaders and highly technological companies for an unmatched performance on reactivity to design, prototype and manufacture your ideas according to your needs.

A different approach

Our mission is structured around four key concepts:
analysis, understanding, design and evolution.


We constantly analyse our environment, to be prepared to take action at any time


We understand your needs in order to tailor our solutions to meet your expectations



We design innovative products and solutions that provide you with the most advanced technologies


We evolve alongside our customers, building relationships based on trust and confidence

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Our Vision

Because we deal everyday with sensitive industries involving privacy and information secrecy, we believe that a strong ethic code is needed in order to benefit from the obvious industrial or ID-linked breakthroughs designed by id3 Technologies while avoiding any dangerous deviance. Our vision at id3 technologies is simple:

We commit ourselves to an ongoing improvement and a strong investment in R&D in order to provide our clients with the safest solutions. We can face with any concerns as we ensure the complete reliability of our solutions and the confidentiality of information.

As a SMB, we benefit from an extreme flexibility that enable us listen carefully to all requests from our customers and react quickly to provide daily the maximum satisfaction.

Benefiting from a corporate culture of dynamism and proximity, we treat our customers like our own staff: as real partners with who we can build a relationship of trust. Because we deal with sensitive challenges, we consider the tranquilty of our clients, justified by our performance and our reactivity, as an absolute priority.