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BioModule MLS

Fingerprint Recognition OEM Module

The Biomodule MLS Series is a range of OEM modules designed for manufacturers and system integrators searching for an inexpensive, reliable and easy-to-integrate fingerprint recognition system.


Built for integrators.

Our biometric module was designed to be easily integrated into your embedded system.


Best-in-class fingerprint recognition algorithms

By incorporating last generation fingerprint recognition algorithms, Biomodule MLS is a key solution for embedded system applications where security and performance is required.


Standard compliance

Our modules complies with the international standard for biometric data interchange with other systems.


Compact size and low power consumption

The miniature sized module has a state-of- the-art low power design making it a perfect choice in a wide range of applications from battery operated mobile equipment to network based security systems.


Choose the sensor that best suits your application

Id3 Technologies introduce a product range with modules available for a selection of different sensor vendor and technology, to let you define the best choice for your application.


Low power, low cost

The highly integrated Technology combined to the powerful and unique algorithm of id3 allows reducing the Host CPU power and cost.


Simple Protocol

A simple protocol, for either serial TTL or USB interface, eases the access to the module.


Manage up to 1,000 users

BioModule MLS has an internal encrypted database which allows you to store up to 1,000 users. Use the secured template importation and exportation functions to manage the database easily.


Easy integration

Our algorithm is provided as a single software library coded in C language. It is optimized and compiled on request for specific secure IC chip of your choice.


Product range.

BioModule is available in different versions depending the sensor you choose.

BioModule MLS-I

id3 FingerChip
Thermal Swipe Sensor
Sensing area 14 x 0,4 mm
Image size 300 x 428 pixels
Resolution 500 dpi

BioModule MLS-N

Next Biometrics NB-1011-S
Thermal Touch Sensor
Sensing Area 11,9 x 16,9 mm
Image size 180 x 256 pixels
Resolution 385 dpi

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