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Biometric solution for notaries


Development and deployment of a biometric authentication system to update Colombian Notary offices, speed up notarial process and avoid fraud.

The new biographic & biometric system challenge was be able to realize in a very short time authentication of a user to speed up the flow of notary’s process.

Key achievements

  • 900 notary offices equipped with hardware & software for the biometric authentication solution
  • Utilization of fingerprint reader, camera and signature pad
  • Implementation of high level software using fingerprint matching and interface with RNEC (National Identity Register)
  • Digital signature (certificate) for the notary
  • Local staff training and support

Our solution

The solution encompasses the process of biographic and Biometric authentication realized with a Fingerprint comparison between the Fingerprints captured during the notary process and the Fingerprint templates of the candidate stored inside the National Civil State Central Database.

Id3 succeed to the tests of access and use of the RNEC database, and thanks to its technology and know-how, the company have been elected to realize the high end application software to speed up the notary process and help them to fight against fraud.

The system includes enrollment station in order to issue Notary identification card with Match on Card Technology and verification station to perform the biometric authentication of candidates.
The application is divided into 3 main programs to achieve the functions of user creation, biometric authentication process, and digital signature process for notary document certification.


Enrollment procedure for notaries authentication, user creation

Biometric Authentication

Local and remote authentication with National ID card and RNEC connection

Digital Signature

Digital signature creation for notary document.

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