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ID System for passport issuance


mali biometric passports

AFIS & enrollment system for citizen passport issuance

The project is part of the renewal of passport issuance system of the Republic of Mali.
This renewal was also an opportunity to integrate biometrics in order to strengthen security in the application and use of new passports.
Id3 Technologies was selected as biometric solution provider, and has developed and supplied the data capture software for passport applications, the biometric identification system (AFIS) and the adjudication tool (manual treatment of biometric duplicates).
To simplify the passport application process, the biometric enrollment initially dedicated to Malian abroad citizens will be democratized to replace hand-written applications for all citizens.
The integration of biometrics in the new Malian passport allows controls on applications, and thus prevent fraud.
This is why four fingerprints (at least) are captured for each, at least 15 years, applicant.

What we provide

Live enrolment stations and biometric algorithms for paper applications scanning stations.

Centralized biometric identification: every applicant is ensured to be unique inside the system to prevent fraud.

Adjudication stations are provided to allow police officers to manually check biometric duplicates.

System Architecture

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