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Urban buses access card


Brazilian urban transport gratuity program offers to certain categories of person free transport. To prevent fraud, users must prove their rights by using biometric authentication inside the bus. 

Our solution

  • A high performance biometrics capability thanks to a highly integrated BioModule embedded our top level algorithms
  • Fingerprint templates can be stored in the database of the module, in a SmartCard, or imported from a central database
  • Match can be performed either in the on-board cryptoprocessor, a smartcard (with MOC)

Prodata Mobility, a leading provider of dedicated transport applications, offers to Brazilian buses a complete solution based upon id3 technology and components. More than 16 000 buses equipped with daily use for 5 years, an additional 14 000 in progress. More than 5 million comparisons are made per day.

years of daily use


comparisons per day

What we provide


Enrolment procedure tuning

Prototyping expertise

Prototype tuning before mass production

High level biometrics

Thermal sensor technology for harsh embedded and tropical environment

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