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We solve your technological challenges by developing highly innovative and high performance solutions, designed by our team of experts in the fields of biometrics, identity management and access control.

fingerprint biometrics


What makes us unique


Scalable and flexible identity services platform


Solutions to secure your data


What makes us unique…

With more than 20 years experience in biometrics, we have built a strong expertise in fingerprint and face recognition algorithms. Our technology is recognized worldwide for its performance in the field.

ID System

Scalable and flexible identity services platform

A turnkey solution thought and designed like a customizable ecosystem that provides a complete process for proven identity creation and management.

Secure Access

Solutions to secure your data

Protect physical access to a place or control logical access to a resource are major stakes in numerous sectors.

Whatever your security level needs, id3 Technologies provides adapted products and highly secured solutions to ease your information system management and administration.

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