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With more than 20 years experience in biometrics, we have built a strong expertise in fingerprint and face recognition algorithms. Our technology is recognized worldwide for its performance in the field.
fingerprint recognition

Fingerprint Biometrics

Awarded fingerprint recognition systems

face recognition

Face Recognition

Real-time face detection and recognition



Privacy enhanced authentication

Fingerprint Biometrics

Awarded fingerprint recognition systems.

We offer best-in-class fingerprint recognition algorithms for desktop, mobile and embedded applications. Our technology has been successfully deployed all around the world and is well-known to work well in the field, especially in harsh conditions.

fingerprint recognition

Our technology is available as SDKs designed to facilitate the integration of fingerprint recognition into any application.

Proven Technology

Performance guaranteed by the most relevant benchmark, NIST MINEX III


Full ISO/ANSI compliance for biometric data interchange with other systems

Sensor independence

Our algorithms are independent from technology used to capture the fingerprints

Easy integration

Available for Windows, Linux, Android and embedded platforms (Cortex M4)

Face Recognition

Real-time face detection and recognition.

Based upon the latest deep learning techniques our real-time face detection and recognition algorithms provide uncompromised performance for large-scale biometric identification systems and mobile devices.

Facial feature detection and tracking
  • Real-time processing even on a standard computer
  • 68 features points
  • Robust against large pose using a 3d model
  • Robust to illumination, expression, occlusion
  • Provide accurate head orientation (yaw, pitch, roll)
Portrait quality analysis
  • Photographic quality : sharpness, exposure, constrast, red eye, equal brigthness, flash reflection…
  • Geometric quality : head orientation, head position, mouth closed, eyes opened, gaze estimation…
  • Comportemental quality : wearing hat , frame on eye, frame too heavy…

Our algorithm provides uncompromised performance combining high accuracy, speed and small template size.



matches per second

bytes per template

ms (processing time)


Privacy enhanced authentication.

Biometric matching algorithms running on a smart card for privacy enhanced authentication. id3 Technologies has been pioneering biometric match-on-card since 1999 and has recently unveiled the world’s first MINEX III compliant fingerprint matching algorithm running on a smart card.


Standard compliance

Our algorithm is based exclusively on the minutiae points and strictly complies with the ISO/IEC 19794-2 standard. It is running fully on the secure IC chip.


Certified accuracy

Our match-on-card algorithm complies with the latest interoperability and performance requirements defined in NIST SP 800-76-2.
The algorithm is also very fast and run is less than 200 ms on a standard IC chip.


Sensor independence

Our algorithm is stable regarding sensor size and technology. Works perfectly even with mobile fingerprint sensors.


Multiple fingers verification

Our library offers a unique capability of score-level fusion for highly secure authentication using multiple fingers


Easy integration

Our algorithm is provided as a single software library coded in C language. It is optimized and compiled on request for specific secure IC chip of your choice.

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