Scalable and flexible identity services platform

A turnkey solution thought and designed like a customizable ecosystem that provides a complete process for proven identity creation and management.


Customizable solution to capture personal and biometric data

Identity Management

Biometric identification, duplicate check, centralized database


Graphical design, electrical personalization, issuance


Barcodes, smart cards, mobile authentication devices


Flexible ID enrolment platform
Top-of-the-line enrolment solution which enables the correct and secure capture, processing, storing and forwarding of biographical and biometric data.

Identity Management

Duplicate check thanks to biometrics

We use our proprietary biometric identification engine to ensure the uniqueness of identities.


Design, encoding and issuance of ID documents

Each identity or access control application has its own requirements in term of budget, security, embedded functions or storage capability.

That’s the reason why, id3 Technologies provides a range of identity objets from simple bio container up to full secured transactional smartcards.


Biometric authentication solutions

We develop solutions for identity check with barcodes, match-on-card, mobile authentication and more.


A platform fully customizable to your application.

As each case is unique, our platform is totally flexible and can be tailor-made to fit customer needs.


Authenticated and secure transactions


National ID system, travel documents, voting solutions, work permits, refugee cards

State services

Health, education, pensions, driving licenses

Transport & ticketing

Transport cards, gratuity programmes


Logical & physical access control systems

Legal services

Authentication for notaries, lawyers, bailiffs

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