Solutions to secure your data.

Protect physical access to a place or control logical access to a resource are major stakes in numerous sectors.

Logical Access

Convenient and secure access to your professional and personal data.

Physical Access

Hardware and software components to build your solution

Logical Access

Convenience and security.

Nowadays, controlling the access to computers or networks is necessary to secure your professional or personal data against internal or external attacks.

Logical security access is essential for information system administration and management as it implies enterprise or organization integrity. id3 provides a set of tools to relieve users from these hard-to-manage tasks:

  • PKI
  • Logon
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Cryptography
  • Biometric authentication devices
  • Token, smart cards
  • Middleware


Orcanthus Security Suite

OSSTM global tool enables enterprises to provide just the resources or applications that a specific user should have access to, based on that user’s roles and responsibilities.



Strong Authentication

Centralized Management

Physical Access

Versatility and modularity

The capacity to manage the access to these resources or to these sensitive premises is essential to assure the sustainability and the prosperity of companies and organizations by reinforcing the confidence we grant to them.

Our elementary blocks and solutions cover the following fields:

  • User access rights management
  • Access control to the premises
  • Reception of outside people

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