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id3 Technologies is a major player in the field of biometric systems and a global provider of identity management solutions. The company is recognized worldwide in particular in fingerprint recognition technology with its match-on-card authentication algorithms. Its large expertise covers image processing applied to biometrics (fingerprint, face, iris), radio communication technologies (NFC, RFID, UHF, etc.) and embedded electronic systems. With more than 25 years of experience, id3 has an international network of customers and partners and offers its services worldwide to high-technologies companies.

id3 Technologies is also a design office specializing in the development of high technology electronic products and embedded systems. Since its creation in 1990, id3 Technologies has developed a service activity, recognized for its technical expertise and the quality of service provided to customers. We assist both startups in the design of their prototypes and large companies in the development of consumer products for mass production. The diversity of the projects that we carry out contributes to the development of our know-how, for the benefit of our customers.

Identification Technologies

Products & Solutions

Biometric hardware
Biometric Hardware

Powerful biometric hardware with proprietary biometric identification technologies.

Biometric Solutions

Fingerprint and facial recognition solutions for identification solutions.

Identity Solutions

Flexible and scalable solutions for creating and managing identities.

Design Services

Electronic Devices

Electronic Design

Hardware/software design services for electronic products and embedded systems.


Integrate from the design stage the necessary conditions for optimal production.

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News and Events

eID Forum sept. 19-20, Talinn, Estonia

id3 is delighted to participate to eID forum, Talinn, Estonia. This forum reshape the role and use of eID identity.Id3 will demonstrate its new face recognition algorithms and its match on card technology including face & finger verification. For more information on...

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Seamless Philippines, Manilla, sept 26 & 27

id3 will present its biometrics solutions dedicated to payment during Seamless Philippines, Manilla, sept 26 & 27. Marc Lavorel and Jan Vasko will held a conference on Biometrics - Fast Advancing Technology with Social and Business Implications Visit us #G12b and for...

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id3 Technologies at DGA Lab

Id3 Technologies presented its biometric solutions to the DGA Lab (the Armament Directorate General's Lab), during the demonstration session of March 29, 2018, which focused on the theme "Intelligence: new solutions for identification and biometrics" ". The relevance...

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