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Fingerprint identification SDK for embedded biometric devices
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Fingerprint algorithms for low-power microcontrollers

id3Finger Embedded is a fingerprint recognition library specifically designed and optimized for embedded biometric systems. id3Finger Embedded is available for developers as a Software Development Kits (SDK) for fast and easy integration on embedded or mobile platforms.


Last generation fingerprint recognition algorithms for embedded system applications.

Biometric API

Embedded biometric API includes matcher and fingerprint extractor features.


Compliant with ISO and ANSI formats.

High Speed

Our embedded algorithms offers the best compromise in terms of speed and accuracy.

Low resources

Compact code and very low memory requirements.


Our library is compiled on request for your specific MCU application.


The minimal recommended fingerprint image resolution for template extraction algorithm is 370 dpi.

RAM size:

(2.24 x image size) bytes

Code size:

60 kB

The performance specifications below are provided for embedded hardware based on ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller, running at 84 MHz clock rate, with 9.7 x 9.7 mm2 sensor size.

Extraction time:

670 ms

Matching time:

10 ms

Identification time:

500 templates/sec.

Template size:

120 bytes (typical, 40 minutiae)
  • ISO/IEC 19792-2 Finger Minutiae Record Format (versions 2005 and 2011),
  • ISO/IEC 19792-2 Finger Minutiae Compact Card Format,
  • ISO/IEC 19792-4 Finger Image Format (versions 2005 and 2011),
  • ANSI INCITS 378 Finger Minutiae Format (versions 2004 and 2009),
  • ANSI INCITS 381 Finger Image Format (versions 2004 and 2009).

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