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A Wide Range of Capabilitities

id3’s top face recognition technology offers a wide range of capabilities, including face detection, verification, and identification. Among the highest accuracy in industry, we can ensure that your facial recognition needs will be met in the best possible way.

face detection - Face Recognition Solutions

Detect faces

Detect faces in still images or video streams in real time with high tolerance to face position.

Portrait acquisition - Face Recognition Solutions

Capture ICAO portraits

Capture portraits for ID documents. We ensure compliance with ICAO.

Liveness detection - Face Recognition Solutions

Prove your identity

Double-check that there’s a live face presented to the camera rather than a photo or a video.

Face identification - Face Recognition Solutions

Identify a person

Find a person in less than one second in a collection of over one million faces.

Uncompromised Technology

Our face recognition technology is based on the recent and powerful deep learning methods trained on millions of images. It works in wild conditions and is robust againt illumination, expression and pose. Our proprietary face descriptor is ultra-small for easy storage in any ID document, barcode or database.



ms (processing time)

matches per second

bytes per template

Real-time Face Detection and Tracking

Acquire High Quality Portraits

We offer automatic solutions to capture highly quality portraits for your ID documents, in conformance with ISO/ICAO standards. With remote capture the operator can even take a picture directly from the digital camera, without any intervention on the application. The interface checks automatically the compliance with ISO/ICAO standards.

Portrait acquisition
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Face recognition SDK


Border Control

Passport Issuance

Video Surveillance


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