Electronic board

Our Know-how

id3 technologies offers services for electronic board and embedded system designs. We realize the design from the technical specifications written in collaboration wtih customers. Our service offering includes the following steps: defining architectures, dimensioning components, designing schematics, routing circuits and managing product manufacturing. To ensure the reliability and quality of our achievements, we consider IPC standards in the electronic design and manufacturing of products.

electronic board

Analog (capteurs, filtres, actionneurs, convertisseurs…),

Digital (MCU, FPGA, CPLD),

µC 8/16/32 bits (STM32, Atmel, Freescale, Texas, MicroChip…),

Embedded systems,

Wireless (RFID, ZigBEE, Lora, Bluetooth, Wifi…),

RF antennas.

Electronic study

A team of engineers in analog and digital electronics with particular expertise in radio frequency systems and embedded systems. We carry out projects in many sectors: medical, industry, energy, transportation, aerospace, security, etc. We follow the latest technologies and best practices of our business to guarantee the clients successful designs. An electronic study may include the writing of specifications, a feasibility study, the definition of architectures and the realization of electronic diagrams.

Electronic scheme

PCB layout design

Realization of the routing of electronic circuits by experienced CAD technicians and professional tools such as Cadstar. We realize PCBs with normative and technical constraints (multilayer, HDI circuits, high frequencies …). To guarantee the reliability of the circuits we integrate in the design thermal and dimensional constraints, signal integrity, industrialization, testability of the circuit, EMC .. Our designs are optimized to obtain the best perfomances and limit production costs.

PCB routing

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