Id3 Technologies becomes biometric operator in Bogota

id3 Technologies becomes a recognized biometric operator in Bogotá and opens a local branch Since the 2nd of February 2015, id3 Technologies has been responsible for the biometric security of daily transactions made by the 1,000 solicitors’ offices in Colombia. Every...

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Seamless 2017 Dubaï, EAU, 1-2 mayo

The future of payments is now. Banks, retailers and merchants alike are having to rapidly adapt to a new payments landscape that is quickly being dominated by Fintech disruptors. id3 Technologies and its team participate in Seamless 2017 Dubaï to demonstrate how...

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id3 at ID4Africa 2017

id3 Technologies is delighted to announce its participation for the first time on ID4Africa. A central component of the ID4Africa movement is the annual meeting which allows the movement to define the agenda year after year and to achieve the stated objectives. This...

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