ID Management System

A back-end system to manage the creation and the maintenance of trusted identities

Our personal ID management system (PIMS) aggregates and stores securely biographic and biometric data acquired from the remote enrolment stations. It interfaces with our proprietary biometric engine (AFIS/ABIS) to ensure the uniqueness of each identity.

Create and maintain digital identities

Detect and resolve identity conflicts

Ensure data privacy and integrity

Key features


Service oriented architecture

Standard based interfaces (SOAP and REST API).


High availibility and velocity

Designed for clustering, load balancing, scalability.


Supervision and traceability

System configuration, monitoring and log collection.


  • Create, validate, update, revoke, delete, merge, consolidate, query and retrieve identities.

Supported features:

  • Biometric data encrypted with secret key stored into a secure token or HSM,
  • Data transport using SSL technology (HTTPS),
  • Strong user authentication,
  • Full events traceability.

Database abstraction layer, compatible with any common database engines, such as:

  • mySQL,
  • MSSQL,
  • Oracle,
  • PostgreSQL.

TomEE, Apache.

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