id3 Technologies at DGA Lab

Id3 Technologies presented its biometric solutions to the DGA Lab (the Armament Directorate General's Lab), during the demonstration session of March 29, 2018, which focused on the theme "Intelligence: new solutions for identification and biometrics" ". The relevance...

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id3 to exhibit on ID4Africa

The 4th annual meeting of the ID4Africa movement will be held in Abuja / Nigeria/ April 24 - 26. id3 and his team would be very happy to meet you on their booth #C27 to make you discover our high quality ID management system and our latest face recognition high...

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Id3 Technologies becomes biometric operator in Bogota

id3 Technologies becomes a recognized biometric operator in Bogotá and opens a local branch Since the 2nd of February 2015, id3 Technologies has been responsible for the biometric security of daily transactions made by the 1,000 solicitors’ offices in Colombia. Every...

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Seamless 2017 Dubaï, UAE, 1-2 may

The future of payments is now. Banks, retailers and merchants alike are having to rapidly adapt to a new payments landscape that is quickly being dominated by Fintech disruptors. id3 Technologies and its team participate in Seamless 2017 Dubaï to demonstrate how...

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Biometrics on Smart Cards

id3 Technologies is delighted to announce today, a world premiere, that its biometric on-card comparison technology reached the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) MINEX III compliance. In line with current trends in biometric technology such as...

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Star Award for exporting in Colombia

Id3 Technologies receives the Star Award for the best French exporting SME in Colombia as well as the Great Cross of the Columbian Board of Public Notaries (UCNC) and the Golden Cross from the Union of South American Notaries. Whilst on an official assignment in...

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id3 with Colombian notaries

The signing of an agreement with colombian notaries authorizing the implementation of the biometric identification and online authentication project was the final phase of a successful venture initiated 2 years ago. In 2012, the Colombian Board of Public Notaries...

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